Parent Survey
The White Oak PTO is interested in your input as to how we go about our business of supporting education of our children while at White Oak Elementary.  To this end, we would value your opinion throughout the year on various topics.  Please see the questions below and state your opinion.  If you would like to be identified, please feel free to input your information.  If not, thanks for sharing your opinion!

What is your vision of how our PTO should operate?
How often should the PTO Meet?
What day/time is most convenient for you to attend our PTO meetings?
Your level of interest in participating in PTO?
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Please tell us which events your family participated in this year
Give us your overall impression of our PTO.  How can we improve?  What would you like to see us change?
Doughnuts with Dad
Santa's Workshop
Sweetheart Dance
Auction and Bar B Cue
Family Movie Nights
Muffins With Mom
PTO Meetings
Spirit Nights
Take PRIDE Day